Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pre-Move: Carson's Room

Carson's room has always been a hangout destination for my kids. They spread out a poster of Andy's (from Toy Story) room and spend time together acting out scenes with all the character figurines. Allie usually ends up ruining everything and Carson ends up screaming and then Allie starts really screaming. The same scenario plays out for all other activities they do together, like playing transformers, or barbies, or coloring, or "reading", or sticker all ends with the screaming. BUT, those few minutes of them playing happily together makes me happier than words can describe and there has been a lot of that in this room. 
When we moved into this house, his room was hand painted in stripes of yellow, pink, and blue. The room was previously shared with boy/girl siblings so it worked for them. However, pink wasn't going to work for my manly of a man. His room was the first room we tackled so he would feel at home. 
His room started with a tiny toddler bed which he outgrew so much that he actually broke it. We upgraded his bed to full size so his room could double as a guest bedroom when necessary. It has already got a lot of use. Carson doesn't mind sharing his room. He gets to sleep with me, which he has preferred anyway since he was a newborn.

I am going to miss the room that my little tot became such a big boy. Carson is definitely going to miss this room. He keeps asking me if I will remember to bring random things with us to Minnesota like his bed, or his toys, or his blankie. It's pretty sad. 
Do you have any tricks to keep your kids from getting anxious about moving?


  1. Haha. Love the description of the playing together cycle. Graham and Lola go through the exact same thing.


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