Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pre-Move: Family Room

Our family room has changed so much since we moved into this house. We started with the olive sectional and brown faux leather ottoman, then we got our new couch and a round glass table, then I changed it up with a wooden table (still in need of refinishing), a not normal and completely irrational amount of pillows have been switched up and around, and art and accessories have been changed an insane amount (as in, I'm insane and I know it). This room has become functional and family friendly for us. Endless hours of t.v watching, snuggling, wrestling, doll playing, transformer battles, disaster making, dancing,   kids fighting, and best of all, Allie's first time crawling took place in this room. 

The floral pillows are new. I just made them using my envelope pillow tutorial. I moved the cowhide from my office and the white vases on the t.v console were moved down from my kitchen table.

Are you a collector of pillows and knick knacks?  I like to have a supply of random junk to switch up decor when I am bored, but I'm not sure we will have room in our next apartment for my hoard. 
How do you decide what to get rid of when you move?

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  1. Love the vases down there. What's on your kitchen table now? And to answer your queston on what to get rid of, you just ask your favorite sister what she wants and hand it over.


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