Friday, March 29, 2013

Pre-Move: Master Bedroom

When we moved into this rental home, the master was the only bedroom the owners hadn't painted. It was a really dingy off-white paired with dingy and stained white baseboards. It was a hot mess. Luckily, the owners gave us permission to paint to our heart's content. We did. We painted the walls a really dark grey, which is surprisingly so cozy and inviting (though super hard to photograph). We also painted all the baseboards, trim, doors, and the closet pure white. 
This room was the first room I ever put thought into before painting and buying/making things for it. I had planned the design for this room months before we moved in. I had a lot of free time on bed rest in the hospital while pregnant with Allie. Sitting in a nasty hospital room really got me yearning for a room that we would actually love, unlike our room in our last rental. Before this room, the master has always been where we would put all the leftover junk: baby swings, a piano, tubs of outgrown baby clothes, old ottomans; our room has stored it all. I am happy to say those days our gone and our room is our own and it is peaceful. Except for when the kids are awake. Then, it is crazy loud.

Everything in this room is coming with us to our next place except for the lamp. Turns out, that lamp is quite a fire hazard. I still am going to store it. It used to be my grandmas so it is special, but we will need functional lighting. 
Also, the stencil seriously took me like 3 months to do that one wall. Never again. 
Would you spend the time to stencil a rental?

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