Friday, September 26, 2008

Cute idea...

I just received 2 onesies I ordered from this website! I searched for the cheapest site to personalize some onesies and this was the 2nd cheapest I found. The first seemed a little sketchy so I'm real glad I went with this site. I placed my order on Monday and I already got them in the mail! They turned out soooooo cute! They were each on sale for $8.99 and shipping was a total of $3.50...a pretty good deal since the sites I were looking at were charging somewhere around $20-$32 for just one personalized onesie. This is definitely something I would do again! Check it out. You can even add a picture for free. They also do panties (naughty, I know), t-shirts, girl's dresses, and more.

For Graham.

For Carson.

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  1. Super cute! You'll have to post pics of them modeling them : )


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