Friday, April 17, 2009

Funny Fat Friday

Linley (the two-year old) and I were shopping the other day (if we have learned anything from me, it is that I frequent the mall far too often), when the urge to go hit.  You know, the undeniable, must get myself to the toilet now, kind of urge.  I told Linley we needed to stop looking at shoes and go potty.  She put the shoes down then asked, "Do you have to go pee pee or poo poo mommy?" Smartly I replied, "pee."  No sense in making any unnecessary embarrassing announcements.  
While in the stall, Linley continuously and much too loudly repeats, "Mommy, you not going pee pee, you going poo poo.  Mommy, you are going poo poo."  Thank you for that, I had not realized.  I hurry my business so as to quiet my daughter's own diarrhea of the mouth, and go to wash our hands.  A sweet lady comes up to Linley and asks, "Does your mommy have a baby in her tummy?"  My dear darling giggles, then says, "No, mommy only has poopies in her tummy." Good thing we cleared that up.

Share with us a favorite pregnancy story from past or present!

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