Thursday, June 25, 2009

ATTENTION! Bad news, my friends.

I have seriously bad news. Erica's computer is completely dead. It should be fixed within about 5 days, but she has the rest of the reviews and giveaways for the Baby Shower Bash. So, here is what we are going to do:
Today, I will post an extra review and giveaway not initially intended for the Baby Shower and then in about 5 days we will start the Baby Shower Bash up again from where we left off.
In the meantime, I will post a couple different giveaways for the mommies to say we are so sorry!
So, even though our Baby Shower Bash is temporarily on hold, let's still have some fun!
Look out for giveaways from:
Boogie Wipes
Jillie Willie
Handbag Heaven

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