Friday, July 17, 2009

A bad doctors visit.

My son had his 15 month check-up yesterday and he also had to get one shot. My mom thankfully agreed to go with me (the thought of taking my son to get shots alone terrifies me!) since my husband had school today. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.
As we pull into our parking spot, another lady is pulling through her parking spot trying to park in ours. Does that make sense? She starts yelling at us as if we can hear her. I read her lips saying, "I'M HERE!!" over and over. Um...hello? We were parking legally. You? Parking illegally. The woman won't move so we back up and move into the next parking space. We are going to be waiting in the same waiting room. Can we say awkward? I wanted to slap her face.
So, I'm already fully irritated when I find out my insurance hasn't been reinstated when I accidentally (woops) ignored the fact that I needed to renew it and now would have to pay for his appointment in full.
Next, I find out my son's doctor is on vacation. Thanks for telling me in advance. I am thinking maybe this is a good thing. I have never understood one word out of my doctor's mouth.
I sit in the waiting room for an hour. An hour! If I was waiting for myself to be seen, fine, but I have a one year old. He was running around like a crazy person. He actually ran right into the glass door, thinking he might escape the doctor's office. Fret not. He wasn't injured in any way. He didn't even shed a tear.
Finally, our name was called. My son freaks out as soon as the nurse takes him to weigh him. It is like he remembers her from the last shots or something. After she gets all of his stats, she puts us in a room to do more waiting. We wait another 3o minutes. The room is tiny and my little boy totally lost his cool. I wasn't even bothered by his aggravation because I felt the exact same way. It must be nice to yell your little heart out so everyone knows how you feel.
The doctor substitute comes in. He is completely rude and talks down to myself and to my son. I think it is clear he was not a children's doctor.
We wait another 30 minutes for my son to get his shot which took about 30 seconds.
I ended up paying $150.00 for a 2 hour appointment with only about 5 minutes of doctor/nurse time. I need a new doctor.


  1. Megan I am not going to lie. Your doctor suck! I went to him once and I knew I would never come back. If you are willing to drive down my way I have found one I really like. If not anyone would be better than that man.
    Wish me luck we go today for 4 shot. poor poor little man. Lets get together next week. I need to see you too.

  2. :( BOOOOOOOOO you man-whore doctor!


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