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The Hottest Hair Straighteners

There is no substitute for awesome hair straighteners. Face it ladies. Right now hair-versatility is paramount and you don’t want to spoil your natural waves with a chemical straightening. Not only will it lock you in to one style for months (that’s right, even chemical straightening is not permanent), chemical straightening totally damages your hair and, for those ladies who want to grow it long, it sets you up for breakage and split ends in the long run.

That is why, if you want to flaunt a stick-straight ‘do, you’ve got do invest in good hair straighteners. Babyliss straighteners, FHI straighteners and CHI straighteners are top of the line. Couple one of these baby’s with a good hairstyling video and you have got a recipe for a hot head of hair a la mode.

CHI straighteners

CHI Straighteners

Any hair swami will tell you, CHI straighteners are some of the best hair straighteners on the market. While they will run you anywhere between $100 and $400, they are totally worth it. Their high-tech ceramic plates use ionic and infrared technology to zap your frizzies fast. You won’t snag you hair, either because the CHI iron’s one-inch ceramic plates are ultra smooth and sealed to the handle – eliminating creases where your hair could get caught. Plus, a CHI straightener heats up in the neighborhood of six seconds and is designed to save energy, using only about 20 watts. With a couple cool hairstyling videos (which you can find easily online or buy for a nominal price) you can learn how to curl or flip your hair easily with this high-speed tool.

FHI straighteners

FHI Straighteners

Comparable in quality to the CHI straightener and FHI straightener are slightly more economical. You can get an FHI straighteners for less than $100, and the prices go up from there. These hair straighteners are made with ceramic plates too, so your hair will stay protected, moist and healthy for the long haul. These come in a variety of size and colors, including the ultra-chic Platform Pink version, which is skinny enough to flip, twist or curl long, medium and even short hair. FHI even has a variable temperature straightener, which allows you to adjust your hair straightener’s temperature to suit the type of your tresses.

Babyliss straighteners

BaByliss Straighteners

A BaByliss straightener offers an even broader range of hair straighteners, so lavish-lovers and bargain-babies alike can get a mane-du jour. BaByliss straighteners start at about $30 and go up in price from there. These hair straighteners are ceramic and made for the girl-on-the-go. Lightweight construction and compact sizes make BaByliss straighteners easy to throw into your gym bag or pack into a carry-on for a Jamaican vacation. BaByliss also makes a Nano Titanium hair straightener (runs about $130), which is ultra lightweight and works great on even the thickest mane.

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