Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stop Staring! Dress Review

When they say, "stop staring," they mean it. All eyes will be on you in one of the Stop Staring! vintage inspired cocktail dresses. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Zoe Deschanel, and Kim Kardashian have strutted their stuff wearing pieces from the Stop Staring! collection.
Looking through their site, I fell in love with every dress. They are truly unique dresses, all while remaining very classic and gorgeous.
Stop Staring! offers fantastic choices, perfect for those still looking for "the" dress in time for BlogHer. Check out these options:
This Vogue Glamour Blush Dress in Grey is appropriately named. It look so glamorous and it retails for only $141, not too bad for a dress that will last a lifetime.
I am absolutely in love with this Pleats Dress in Eggplant. I am definitely planning on owning this dress in the future. It retails for $122.00.

This retro dress looks so stunning. I think the color and style is fitting for any occasion, especially the sexiest occasions. This Starlette dress is $110.
I am currently all about vintage dresses, hence why I think 30's Sexy Bombshell Dress is a must own. You can purchase it for $126.
I had the opportunity to review the Classic Ashley Dress in Black. This dress retails for $145. I can honestly say this is THE perfect black dress. I decided to put together three different ways to wear this dress by adding different accessories just to show you the versatility of this dress. Above is a more professional look in all black.
This is a look I would wear during the day, as it is a little more casual and fun.
Adding pearls makes this look complete as an evening look.

Why am I obsessed with the Classic Ashley dress?
-It has great details. I love the pleating around the waist, chest, neckline, and sleeves. It is such a feminine feature.
-The fabric is stretchy so that the dress even flatters flat-bottom girls, like myself.
-The material is thick so there aren't any underwear lines or bulging areas.
-It is the perfect length. Coming just below the knee, I feel confident that I am not exposing too much. Though, it does have a sexy slit in the back for the appropriate amount of sex appeal for nights out.
-Stop Staring! sizing is true. A small fits like it should, hugging my body without squeezing.
-I love the black belt. It is ultra stylish and chic. It is also removable so you can add another belt to add color, like I did, or wear the included black belt with another outfit.

Visit Stop Staring! to purchase their fabulous dresses!


  1. Very cute dress!
    I love those shoes in the first pic too.

  2. I love the dress you have! So cute! Too bad they only have size Small or XL or I might have been tempted to buy it!

  3. I love that you look so hot! and i love the dress, especially since it's modest!


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