Friday, September 25, 2009

CEIVA Pro 80 Digital Photo Frame and PicturePlan Review

When I originally contacted CEIVA, it was solely concerning a digital photo frame. I quickly learned that CEIVA offers so much more than just a digital frame. CEIVA offers amazing photo services where you can receive photos from your friends and family from anywhere around the world. Being that I have best friends in Utah and Idaho and family in California, New Jersey, Chicago, and several other places, the idea thrilled me to receive pictures directly to my frame.
I received the CEIVA Pro 80 frame for review. I was immediately impressed with how high quality and chic the frame was. I also loved that the frame came with two covers, black and brown which are easy to switch out. I turned on the frame to view the picture. It was clear, bright, and beautiful.
Activating my frame was fairly easy. You first register your frame by making a simple account, take your frame off demo mode and start the process of downloading pictures to your frame and sending requests to your friends and family to also send pictures to your frame. Withe the CEIVA Pro 80 you have three choices for setting up a connection to your frame: Ethernet adapter, your phone line, or your wireless network. The frame comes with a phone cord and splitter and a CEIVA Wireless adapter, which is super easy to use. I chose to do wireless. I just plugged in the adapter to the back of my frame, set my connections to wireless, and found a connection. Once my connection was established, my photos I had downloaded earlier began as a slide show. The pictures actually looked better on my frame than on my computer.
My mother-in-law also received a frame so we could try out the service of sending pictures from frame to frame. This is very cool. After I downloaded pictures to my frame, I selected the pictures I also wanted to send to her frame. We also both sent out requests to family to send us pictures, too, at no cost to them. You can also receive pictures from e-mail or from your phone. Every time you have a new picture, a blue light will flash on your frame to let you know to check out your new pictures from loved ones. They will upload on to the frame automatically.
In addition to having all of your photos on display, CEIVA also offers free channels to be added on to your frame including ESPN Sports Headlines, Comic Calendar, Local Weather, and more.
CEIVA photo frames are not just frames, they are a PhotoPlan, one that I think everyone should own! It is a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones and display yours and their pictures.
You may purchase the CEIVA Pro 80 Photo Frame with one year PicturePlan for $179.99!

I was not compensated by CEIVA for conducting this review.


  1. does your mil need a computer to view the pics or do they automatically upload to your computer?


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