Thursday, September 17, 2009

KUHN RIKON Kinderkitchen Tools For Little Chefs Review

From KUHN RIKON, a name we know and trust, a new line was introduced just for kids! KUHN RIKON has created Kinderkitchen, tools that are safe and fun for our children to use while helping us in the kitchen. Whether our children are helping us bake in the kitchen or using their imagination to cook a magical soup made from blocks and pacifiers, I think it is wonderful that there is now products made just for them to encourage our little chefs!
Check out a few of the Kinderkitchen products:
The White Rabbit Apron has long straps to fit all different sizes, comes with a tasting spoon, and is only $14.00!
I love this Chef's Bag. The fabric is washable so you know it is made for kids! You can purchase a bag for only $12.00.
The Duck Snippers are so cute! Like their children's knives, the Duck Snippers are sharp enough to cut herbs and veggies, but won't cut fingers. I think I need a pair of these for myself. You can purchase a pair for $18.00.
I had the opportunity to review three items from the Kinderkitchen line. My son has recently found joy in being in the kitchen while someone is cooking so I decided to choose items that I knew he would love and were appropriate for his age. The first item I chose was the Bluebird Spatula. The spatula is lightweight and has a short handle, making it easy for little hands to remove cookies safely from a pan. Buy one for just $8.00.
I also tried out the Cockatiel Whisk. This has been my son's favorite item. Again, the whisk is lightweight, making it super easy for my son to stir the contents of a pot. The whisk has one bright wire to add a little color and excitement to the kid's kitchen tool. You can purchase your own for $12.00.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to review the Mouse Measuring Cups. The cups include 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 measures. Not only are these children's measuring cups super cute, they also include a clip for storage so a cup isn't lost and a little spatula to level off ingredients. The little spatula has been fun for my son to flatten the ingredients in the cup without making a huge mess. You can purchase a set for $14.00.

Interested in purchasing an item you have seen here?
Check out Kinderkitchen.
And make sure to check out all of the other kid's kitchen utensils not pictured in this post.

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