Friday, October 23, 2009

The Grandparents Handbook review

"The Grandparents Handbook is a collection of games, activities, tips, how-to’s and all-around fun for grandparents and their grandchildren – regardless of where they live or what their health may be. It features everything from finding four-leaf clovers to writing a family newspaper, holding a backyard Olympics or Kentucky Derby and planting a goblin or fairy garden together. The book also gives great ideas for scavenger hunts, passing the time on long car rides, yummy deserts, bath-time games and much, much more.

Just like parents, grandparents can get caught in sticky situations. The Grandparents Handbook navigates grandparents through potentially tough territory and offers a refresher course on caring for kids. What do you do if the tooth fairy has to visit while your grandchild is sleeping over? How do you respond when your sweet innocent grandchild misbehaves? How do you baby-and kid-proof your home? The Grandparents Handbook gives first-hand advice from experienced grandparents across the country in the form of fun, illustrated instructions."
- Elizabeth LaBan (author of the book)

I had the opportunity to review book and thought it was really cute. The book is filled with a lot of useful information as well as fun games and activities. It goes through all stages of childhood, starting out with tips on how to bath a newborn and how to baby proof your house and then on to fun snacks and projects you can make with an older child. It also gives advice from real grandparents on what they wished they had known before they had grandchildren. My favorite part of the book was "Bath time fun" where they gave fun ideas to do in the bath. I had never heard of several of the bath games and am excited to try them with my baby.
This book would make a really sweet gift for first time grandparents. I actually think it would make a good gift for veteran grandparents. My parents have 9 grand kids and guess what they are getting for Christmas? They are going to love it.

You can get this book on Amazon for only $10.61!! You can't beat that price.


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