Sunday, October 4, 2009

High Sierra Internal Frame Hiking Packs Review

High Sierra Sport Company offers many different types of bags from hiking and messenger bags to duffel bags and luggage. I was able to review a few of the hiking backpacks and was impressed with all three of them.
This is the Sentinel 65. As seen above the blue hose is connected to the hydration reservoir that has its own internal sleeve to stay secure. This is a great feature because it frees your hands from having to carry a water bottle and is easily moved out of the way when not in use.
The Explorer 55 is a 55-liter pack.
If you manage to fill up these huge bags, High Sierra has plenty of straps and loops on the outside of the bag to accommodate fishing gear and cooking items.
A handy item is the cell phone pocket located right on the shoulder strap. So, if you are still in range of a cell tower you have easy access to your cell.
The Appalachian 75 is the largest of the three bags I reviewed. As you can see here, inside the bag there is a divided compartment. Below is for the sleeping bag and above is for clothes or other items. The divider can be unzipped and removed to create space for larger items or kept in place for more organization. I really like that you can access your gear from the front or top of these bags. This is a really good feature because if you only had access from the top, you would have to pull everything out to get to the bottom.

All of these bags have a front loaded sleeping bag compartment, which is great because this protects your sleeping bag from dirt, mud, and rain while you are hiking and if you are not carrying sleeping bag with you, it offers even more storage for your trip.
I really like how comfortable these bags are to carry. There is so much padding on your hips, back, and shoulder that makes carrying even the heaviest load feel easy. And with the High Sierra's ERGO FIT system you can adjust your pack to fit any body type, which is really important for a comfortable fit.
My favorite part of this bag is that this orange rain fly has it own compartment in the bottom of the bag. All you have to do is pull it out. It stays attached at one end and you pull the other end over the bag. By pulling the attached cord tight, it snugly fits around the bag creating a waterproof cover and protecting all of your belongings. This cover is super light and those of you who have camped or hiked in the rain know that this is a great feature. It also would be a great to have if using this bag for travel. The rain fly keeps all of the straps and cords secured so they wont get torn or snagged on things at the airport.
(This review was written by a man who knows: my husband, Adam.)
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