Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bona Hardwood Floor Mop & Cleaner Review

Bona specializes in keeping hardwood floors beautiful. Their hardwood cleaning products include a Hardwood Floor Mop, Hardwood Refill Cartridge; Stone, Tile, and Laminate Cartridge; and a Microfiber Cleaning Pad.
I had the opportunity to review the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. This spray mop was super easy to put together. I just had to simply snap a few pieces together, attach the cleaning pad, and insert the spray cartridge. Once put together, this mop makes cleaning your floors a breeze. To clean your hardwoods, you just squeeze the handle conveniently located at the top of the mop, spray the cleaner to your floors, and mop it up.
The hardwood spray is pleasantly fresh scented, unlike some cleaners that just smell heavily of fumes. I found the cleaner to be fast drying, which I love since I have a toddler that is pretty hard to contain. I was more than impressed with how well the cleaner works. With the first use, my floors were restored to their original shine. It had been years since my floors actually shined at all! I also really liked how long my floors remained looking clean and shiny. One cartridge will surely last you quite a long time because it really helped my floors endure everyday wear.
The microfiber cleaning pad is soft and while I do wish it was a little bit thicker, it surprisingly picks up all the floor's dirt and moisture. Best of all, this cleaning pad is washable up to 300 times. Pretty impressive, eh?
Oh, you want beautiful hardwood floors, too?
Check out Bona and purchase your Hardwood Floor Mop today!
Your starter kit comes with the mop, cleaner cartridge, and cleaning pad for only $39.99!


  1. My husband own and operates his own hardwood flooring installation business, and we use only Bona cleaners and pads on our wenge wood floors, and that is what he recommends to his customers as well. I didn't know they also had this particular mop. Very cool!

  2. I hate cleaning the floors but this looks like it might be a good one. thanks

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