Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frosty Festivities for Babies and Kids: Safety 1st Car Seat Review

As a mom, the safety of my children is my first priority- always. When I strap my most precious cargo in the car, I am putting complete trust in the safety of my child's car seat.

Did you know:
1 in 4 car crashes involving children are side impact collisions. They are by far the deadliest type of collision for children, accounting for 1 in 3 child fatalities; nearly all of which are caused by head trauma.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in a crash, a child’s head is the body part most vulnerable to serious and fatal injuries, accounting for 95 percent of all injuries sustained.

Talk about scary!! Thanks to the Safety 1st Complete Air with Air Protect car seat, I am able to breathe a little easier.
So what is so special about Safety 1st Complete Air with Air Protect?

1. Primary Focus on Head Protection

Air Protect™ Technology has been designed to defend against the biggest threat to children on the road today; side impact collisions. Side impact are by far the deadliest type of collision for children, accounting for one in three child fatalities; nearly all of which are caused by head trauma. The placement of Air Protect™ Technology on the car seat diverts crash forces away from a child’s head, the most vulnerable place in a side impact crash.

2. Superior Testing Methodology

The Complete Air™ Convertible Car Seat is tested with an intruding door technique, which best replicates an actual side impact crash. Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG) collaborated with Kettering University’s renowned Crash Safety Center to develop a new standard for side impact testing. This new testing method is so significant that DJG and Kettering University have shared their findings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), supporting NHTSA’s efforts to provide more comprehensive regulations for side impact crash testing.

Impressive, right? So how does this Air Protect technology work?
Through the precise release of air, Air Protect™ shields children from side impact intrusion and immediately reduces crash forces at the most critical spot: around a child’s head. Air Protect™ does this by extending ride-down, the amount of time it takes to slow a child’s movement in a crash.

Now that we understand the safety behind the Safety 1st Complete Air with Air Protect, let's discuss the car seat itself.
First of all, the seat is beautiful. Clean and simple and modern, without any sacrifice in comfort. The Complete Air accommodates infants rear-facing from 5-40 lbs. and 19"-40" and toddlers forward-facing from 22-50 lbs. and 34"-45, making this seat a smart investment that will safely grow with your child.
Some of my favorite features include:
  • QuickFit™ Harness System adjusts harness height from the front in one easy step without uninstalling from the car
Nothing is more frustrating than having to repeatedly rethread a car seat. The QuickFit Harness System eliminates all frustration. Adjusting height really is a simple one-step procedure. I am in love!
  • One Click LATCH installation system allows for faster and easier installation when moving between vehicles.
I have never seen a LATCH system like this. It literally clips in like a seatbelt. Safely installing a car seat has never been easier!!
  • 5-position adjustable headrest easily accommodates your growing child.
I put both my three-year old and my five-month old in the seat. The headrest adjusted to fit perfectly for both. When I invest in a car seat, I expect it to grow with my child. The Complete Air does not disappoint!
  • Removable cup holder.
Who doesn't love a cup holder?
And finally, there is padding everywhere. Your child will not only be riding safely, but in total comfort as well!!

We are using the seat in the rear-facing position for the baby. The seat does recline a good deal, which may cause a fit issue in smaller cars, but works perfectly in our SUV. There should be no size issue forward-facing. In fact, the Safety 1st Complete Air with Air Protect is far more narrow than any other car seat I have owned, perfect for those of us that have cars packed full of car seats.

The good people at Safety 1st thought of it all with this car seat. Take the next step in car seat safety and purchase the Safety 1st Complete Air with Air Protect today. Available at Babies 'R Us in McKenna (Black/Gray) or Harvest (Brown/Orange) for $249.99

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