Monday, November 23, 2009

Frosty Festivities: Svan Bouncer Review

It is official: The 'Frosty Festivities' have begun. I am so thrilled to share with our readers great gift ideas for the holidays.
Our first gift idea is the Svan Bouncer from, a Medwing Company. Shopping for babies isn't always the easiest, but you definitely don't want to leave out the cute little people either.
This bouncer is the solution to several baby needs:
  • It is perfect for napping as it fully reclines and allows mom to gently rock baby with her foot.
  • Baby learns that they can control motion as they discover they are able to rock themselves.
  • The bouncer can be adjusted to any desired position from fully reclined to sitting up.
  • Before your baby is ready for a high chair, this bouncer chair is perfect for feeding.

I love the Svan Bouncer because it is stylish and modern and unlike most baby gear, this bouncer is chic and doesn't look like extra clutter in your home. The bouncer is also available in several hip colors and wood choices.
I also love how comfortable and safe the bouncer is. The padding is thick and cushioned to provide a relaxing place for your child to rest. The bouncer can support babies and infants up to 30 lbs. so while my toddler is a little old for this bouncer, I didn't have to stress about him wanting to sit in the bouncer to watch some morning cartoons.

My absolute favorite feature to the bouncer is how compact it becomes for storage (see video above). You simply just have to detach the velcro and pull the front of the bouncer out to have your bouncer nearly flat. I can slide my bouncer in and out of the closet with it only taking very little space.
I highly recommend the Svan Bouncer as you consider what to purchase for you baby or babies in your life over the holidays. It will make a fabulous gift!!
Check out now!
And for a limited time, Svan is offering $10 off the bouncer!

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