Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frosty Festivities: Ella's Kitchen- Healthy Meals/Snacks Your Lil' One Will LOVE!

When I was younger, my parents would stuff my stocking with candy. Of course, I loved candy and while my initial plan was to load my son's stocking with candy too, I found a better stocking stuffer that your child will love just as much!
Ella's Kitchen offers deliciously healthy meals or snacks for your little one in unique packaging that will thrill your child. Like I have said many times, my 20 month old is the pickiest of picky eaters. To go along with his pickiness, he is very stubborn and refuses to eat if he can't feed it to himself.
Because Ella's Kitchen pouches of food are made with fruits and veggies, I was interested to see my son's reaction when I handed him the Stage 1 baby food pouch and told him to suck on it like a straw (Not intended use for younger babies. Spoon is best for them.). To my surprise, he slurped up the entire pouch and asked for more. While the baby food inside the package was delicious, I really think this unique way of self-feeding is what really turned him on to Ella's Kitchen products.
Because these natural ingredients are so yummy, Ella's Kitchen even recommends mixing them into to recipes for muffins, curry, cheesecake, shrimp, and salad. Check out their recipe section for some inspiration!
Who would have thought my toddler would love a snack mix of carrots, apples, and parsnips??
The broccoli, pears, peas mixture was the only one my son wasn't fond of. I tried giving it to him cold first and he didn't like it. So then I squeezed the food into a bowl, microwaved it, and gave him a spoon. He didn't think that was nearly as fun and refused to eat it. Unfortunately, I have never been able to get him to eat peas.
The Smoothie Fruits were such a delicious treat! The Yellow One is made of organic fruit such as banana, mango, apricots, and apples, nothing else. This is such a healthy alternative to junky mid-afternoon snacks. My son loved these!
The Red One is organic strawberries, raspberries, apples, bananas, and nothing else. This tasted so yummy (Yes, I tried it!). These are snacks children of all ages will definitely enjoy.

You may purchase Ella's Kitchen products at Babies R' Us or Toys R' Us.


  1. I learned that the color of the carton relates to the type of food inside ex: green--broccoli,peas ect...Looks like a fun way to get them to eat. Thanks, A.Anderson

  2. I am a follower !
    thanks, A.Anderson

  3. I learned that the best fruit to pretest on a baby for allergies is Kiwi because some babies and children are allergic to this fruit! I never knew that!


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