Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tender Lullabies: Soothing Classic Piano Melodies CD

I had the difficult task to review the “Tender Lullabies: Soothing Classic Piano Melodies” CD. It was difficult to review because I could never hear the entire CD in one sitting- IT WORKS. It really does put baby to sleep… and mama and papa. The first time I listened to the CD, I didn’t make it to the 3rd song! The next night I tried it on my husband with the same results. The next morning he said all he remembered was the first song was really short. I’m not sure how far he made it into the 2nd song. We’ve been using it during our daughter’s bedtime and naps and it does seem to help calm her and send the “sleep time” signal to her getting her to sleep sooner. I start the CD after story time and have it play while I nurse. It works like a charm. I love that the music is well know classical music just slowed down. The song list is: Lullaby, Brahms; Canon, Pachelbel; Childhood, Schumann; The Swan, Saint-Saens; Waltz, Brahms; To A Wild Rose, MacDowell; Clair de Lune, Debussy; Dream of Love, Liszt; Prelude, Bach; Mediation, Thais; Gymnopedie, Satie. The music is set to 60 beats per minute to mimic baby’s heart rate that will naturally calm and soothe them to sleep. I recommend this CD to all parents. I even put it on my iPod so I always have it with me and I can play the CD in our daughter’s room and the iPod version in our bedroom at night. You can purchase the CD at, and Or you can be green (and save a little green too) and download it from or

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