Tuesday, April 27, 2010

UB2 Mod Bonnet Review & Free Shipping Code

It’s the time of year that we spend more of our time outside. My daughter loves to be outdoors even if it’s just to bird (or airplane) watch. It can be quite a challenge to get sunscreen on her face and make sure it’s good coverage – you know those kinds of kids that whip their head in the opposite direction and try to push away. I was thinking some sort of hat would be helpful. Remember sun bonnets? (Don’t stop reading if you have a boy- they have BoyBonnets!) Now imagine a super hip sun bonnet. I mean caauuuttee! I found them from Urban Baby Bonnets on Etsy. The fabric combinations are super stylish, mod and reversible, the rim can be folded back to any length, and the chin strap is adjustable with snaps (which also means baby can’t yank it off). Not only do they have BoyBonnet, but they have an EcoBonnet and you can also custom make your bonnet by choosing your fabrics.

I had the opportunity to review the UB2 Vintage Floral bonnet. The craftsmanship of the bonnet is impressive: even the bobbin thread color was coordinated to the bottom fabric. The designer is really friendly and helped me to pick the right size for my daughter. They come in 5 sizes. I know it’s a great product when my husband uses it without being told! We had just gotten it and he had not seen me use it yet, but he decided to put it on her while she rode in the jogging stroller. So far, she’s worn it at the park, in the regular stroller, the jogging stroller and while on Pop’s back in the Moby Wrap. The bonnet did not shift or cover her eyes while she wore it. We even had some compliments from other Moms! I recommend this product for all parents and it makes a great gift. The bonnets are priced from $34-38 depending on the fabric. Urban Baby has generously offered our readers a free shipping code: DINISHAFREE.

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