Tuesday, May 18, 2010

David Kirsch's Abs and Arms {REVIEW!!}

For the past twenty years, DAVID KIRSCH has been training quite a few of the most beautiful men and women on earth.
With a new series of books targeted at specific body parts, Kirsch is making his signature techniques and moves available for everyone motivated enough to lunge, squat and crunch their way to a healthy, toned and fit physique. “There’s no reason we all shouldn’t be red carpet ready with trim waists, flat abs and Michelle Obama’s arms,” says Kirsch. “And any guy who wants a six-pack in time for the summer should know exactly how to get it on.”
In ABS AND ARMS, Kirsch takes on popular exercise myths such as “Spot reduction is impossible,” “My muscle’s going to turn to fat,” and “My arms are going to bulk up, right?” with clear-cut answers and solutions.
DK’s Abs and Arms walks readers through a simple, do-anywhere series of exercises designed to sculpt and tone arms and abs to bikini-and-tanktop-ready shape. Master the perfect sit-up and pushup and then move on from there: you can do these moves at your desk, in your home, or even when you’re on the road. It also provides a guide to following the tested, tried and true David Kirsch plan for eating which is high on protein, low on carbohydrates and fantastically easy to follow. “I believe in integrating fitness in your life,” Kirsch says.
And he shows you how you don’t have to have a set of weights? Do some presses with a bottle of evian (or in Kirsch’s case, your newborn daughters…).

I have been using Abs and Arms for a little over two weeks now and love it!! Some of my thoughts on this book:
*Every exercise can be done at home at no added cost to you. Don't have dumbbells? David Kirsch says grab a can of soup.
*The food guidelines are easy to follow and understand
*The book is an easy, quick, and fun read
* The pictures are colorful and interesting
* The exercises are fun, unique and effective. My abs and arms are nice and sore after every workout!
* I enjoy following Abs and Arms; nothing about this manual is monotonous
*My husband, who is a fitness guru, has nothing but praise for this book. There are exercises in here that he has never seen before and is impressed with the burn and shocked by the results!

I highly recommend Abs and Arms to anyone looking to tone up before bikini season. With over 17 fully illustrated exercises, stretches, cardio prescriptions, and a nutritional meal plan, you will be doing exercises you have never seen before, feeling the burn you have been missing, and loving your tights abs and arms.

Pick up your very own copy today here.

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