Wednesday, May 12, 2010

YMI Jeans Review & HUGE 48 Hour Discount

By now, you probably know that I am a big fan of YMI Jeanswear. I have never been disappointed with their jeans fit, style, or durability (durability is super important when you spend a lot of time crawling around on your knees with your babies. Right, mommies?).
After becoming obsessed with jeggings, thanks to Christa from enSTYLEpedia strutting her stuff in a pair, I knew I had to own some, too. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try YMI's Extreme Dark Denim Legging.
Denim leggings really are so awesome. They are easy to wear. I love being able to slip into my pair of boots without having to stuff in extra fabric. Everything looks smooth and sexy.
For a more dressy look, I love to wear my jeggings with super high heels and for more casual, I love to wear a cute pair of sandals.
I was worried that denim leggings would be really uncomfortable, but YMI has created a pair that has the appropriate amount of stretch. They haven't lost their shape or extreme dark color in the wash. I also really love that the front pockets are sewn shot to prevent pocket bulge. You will definitely look great in YMI's jeggings! Lucky for all of us, we are hosting YMI's Steal of the Month!! This is an amazing deal so get your denim leggings now!

48 Hour HUGE Discount:
Use the code YMIFORYOU to receive 40% off the YMI Extreme Dark Denim Legging.

Make sure to check out YMI:
(YMI gives away a free pair of jeans every Wednesday!!!)
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  1. woot woot (that was totally 90's)
    thanks for the shout out.
    you look amazing. seriously.
    i would never guess in about a bazillion years that you were pregnant at all...i covet your body!


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