Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Silent Auction #2: Sesame Street Recline N' Dine High Chair

Welcome to day 2 of our Silent Auction. Here is some history about K.I.D.S from their website:
"K.I.D.S. was founded in 1985 as a 501(c)(3) corporation to assist children suffering from famine in Ethiopia. Within the first 60 days, members of the children's industry donated $250,000 worth of merchandise. In the first year, K.I.D.S. sent $600,000 worth of clothes, shoes and toys to children in Ethiopia and mudslide victims in South Africa.
From the initial efforts of a small group of children's industry leaders, the organization has grown into a global charity dedicated to alleviating poverty conditions among children and assisting in relief efforts following major disasters."

The Sesame Street Recline N' Dine High Chair was a little more difficult to set up than the walker. I was slightly confused about the directions, but eventually I figured it out. Once I had put it all together, I was really impressed with this high chair. It has some fabulous features that at such an affordable price, I wouldn't expect.
This high chair can recline into three different positions, but after trying out the chair for different ages, I decided the upright position was my favorite position and the easiest to get to. I absolutely love the easy to clean chair covering. With a toddler, I know how messy each meal can get. Having a covering like this one is such a great idea! It wipes down with a sponge or cloth like there was never a mess at all.
Another feature that I wish every high chair included is a back storage unit for mom. I think this is the perfect place to store baby spoons, little bowls, and bibs to make meal time easy and speedy.
Of course, this chair also includes features that I do expect from quality high chairs including a 3-point safety restraint and a one handed press release tray. I have heard from the new owner of this high chair and she is very pleased with its high quality and how easy it makes meal time for her and her new baby.
All donations will need to be sent to http://www.kidsdonations.org/index.htm once the silent auction is over. The highest bidder will be asked to forward me their receipt and shipping address which will be passed to Kolcraft.
Thank you so much for participating!

The Sesame Street Recline N' Dine High Chair bid will begin at $25.00. Please bid in $5.00 increments. All bids will close Thursday June 24 at midnight. Please leave a comment here with your bid.

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