Thursday, July 15, 2010

fusionbrands foodpod and iceorb Review

fusionbrands offers products you always wish you had in the kitchen, but were never actually available. From cooking tongs that you wear to a silicone lacing tool, fusionbrands just made working in the kitchen easier.
I received a couple of products to review. The first being the foodpod. This is a seriously cool invention. This silicone pod is used to blanch, boil, steam, and drain. It can be used to steam veggies, boil eggs, cook shellfish, and more.
I recently wanted to make deviled eggs so I tried out my new foodpod. The foodpod helps your food cook even and more effectively. My favorite part of using the pod was once the eggs were cooked, I just removed the entire thing, let it drain over the pot, and put it straight in the fridge to cool off. I didn't need a strainer and there wasn't any mess removing the eggs.
Our fridge doesn't have an automatic ice maker so we have been needing an ice tray and this iceorb definitely does the trick.
To use, you fill the outside silicone with water, replace the cup, put the lid on, and freeze. You can either use the inner cup to keep drinks or dips cool while serving or you can fill the cup with the ice and start the process over to hold 51 ice cubes.
I have been so impressed with this ice creator/holder. Unlike regular ice trays, the scent or stench of your freezer doesn't get absorbed into the ice thanks to the airtight lid.

You can purchase these products as well as many other great inventions at
The foodpod is $15 and the iceorb is $16. You will love them!
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