Monday, February 14, 2011


Did the rest of my sisters give an introduction?
Do you even care?

Regardless, here I am. I’m 23 and young and free. Or that’s what people say. I feel more like I’m 20 and bound by bills, boys and early morning bells. I just took on my first real-person job, assisting with public relations for a company in Utah, and I love it. I also love the piano, writing, wit, shopping and making bucket lists. I think my latest cross-off was “30 Days, No Fast-Food or Fast-Food Treats.” I actually went like 47 days because I took on Lent at the same time, so yeah, add righteous and committed to my list of really great attributes.

Side note: I’m not as arrogant as my sweet sister, Erica, so take comfort in the rarity of those comment-types.

To business:

I was just interviewed about fashion and my love thereof, so I’ve got a few thoughts fresh on the brain.

Dressing well is best achieved when you mimic someone else—I typically try to look like Blake Lively or Taylor Swift. They will always look better than me because they have the money and means and stylists to be perfect, but that’s no reason for me not to try.

If you want to take fashion seriously, study the people whose fashion you admire. I studied my mother’s my whole life, and I still look to her for advice. Don’t try to get fashion right on your own; mimic those who have already gotten it right.

Also, your personality will provide all the individuality you need, so don’t worry about looking like a clone.

Here’s my effort:

A few notes: I tried to fuse Blake's looks and ended up with rugby stripes, a ruffled skirt and combat boots. My boots are the ones pictured. Nordstrom is still selling them. Target has adorable $5 over-the-knee socks. And Forever 21 has got tons of rugby striped shirts and ruffled skirts. Since I left my shirt untucked, I chose a skirt that was straight through the hips and then ruffled. Makes you look skinnier.

I don’t have a ton of fashion rules because I believe the fashionable can make most anything work, but I’ll try to share something I’m for and against with each post, nonetheless:

Against: Wearing any sets of matching jewelry, or wearing dangling earrings with necklaces.
For: Wearing gobs of clinky bracelets on one hand, and a fat, wooden [or plastic] bangle on the other.

Finally, you shouldn’t like everything I wear; if you did, I’d feel mainstream, and the fashionable never want to be such. All the same, please don’t insult me. We all have feelings here.

I promise shorter posts in the future.

Nice meeting you,


  1. Thanks for the call-out honey. Funny, isn't it? Everytime I see you, I want to own what you're wearing, so who's mimicking who? You always get it right and wear it well!


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