Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Candy? What Candy?

Yesterday I did a massive Target run. Did a little birthday party present shopping (the kids have two to attend this week), a lot of grocery shopping, and even picked up two giant bags of peanut butter M&Ms for the playgroup Easter Egg Hunt this Friday. I'm awesome.
The Mister came home from work and started scrounging around the cupboards, whereupon he discovered my carefully hidden bags o' chocolate. Except one bag was nearly empty. "When did you buy these," he asked accusingly. "Today," I replied sheepishly. "And you are already giving them away to the kids?" Yes honey, that is absolutely correct. The kids ate every last one of those heavenly filled eggs. Heathens.
Top: Maxstudio
Cargo Skinnies: Joes Jeans
Scarf: F21
Shoes: Juicy Couture

Shop Similar: Top, Scarf

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