Monday, May 9, 2011

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Help You Live Healthy.

Recently, my family and I have discovered the importance of living a healthy life. We have moved back to Georgia near Stone Mountain and have made a goal to do something active as a family at least once a week. Today, we were able to walk around the mountain and play tag. We have also planned several hikes in the near future.
We have also found a local Farmers Market where we developed a new love for deliciously healthy food. We picked up a whole shopping cart full of fresh fruits and vegetables. We are so excited to eat it all up.
I am no where near ready for the swim suit season, but I'm hoping these healthy changes will make me feel and look better.
Because I can't always go to the Farmers Market and need healthy options that are quick and easy, but will still keep me on track, there is Weight Watchers Smart Ones. Their products provide a variety of delicious,convenient, and portion controlled meals and snacks that contain lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. And now they are offering two new breakfast items- like the new Egg,Sausage & Cheese Wrap and the French Toast with Turkey Sausage. Plus, the packaging tells you the Weight Watchers Points Plus values in each serving, allowing you to conveniently plan for the day.
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“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Weight Watchers Smart Ones and received a promotional item and coupons to facilitate my review.”

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  1. check out the books "Eat this, not that". it's a really series of books that goes through the various types of groceries and restaurants and tells you which brands are the healthiest for you. for the restaurants, it tells you what's the best thing to order and what's the worst thing to order. anyways, right after i had evan i lost about 15 lbs just doing that---no exercising or anything...


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