Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Carson's 4th Birthday Party

Our big guy wanted to do a water party this year. I was pretty happy about that; a whole party outside! Woohoo! We bought a kiddie pool with a little slide, a slip n' slide, a fun sprinkler, water balloons, and water guns. The kids had a blast AND most of the adults stayed dry. Awesome! Since the party was outside, the decor was simple and fun:
 Hanging balloons in different shades of blue. I also hung blue streamers that can barely be seen in this picture.
 This amazing ombre cake was made by my sister-in-law. I wish it's close up wasn't the back of it, but oh well. It was out of control gorgeous and sooo yummy. It was gone in a hurry. I love it so much that I have decided she is making all our cakes in this exact style from now on. It rules, right? I think she got the idea from Pinterest.
One happy (and soaked) little boy. He couldn't wait to put his swim shorts on and went down the slip n' slide fully dressed. Meh, it's his party and he can be wet if he wants to.

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