Monday, October 1, 2012

Pocket Pillows & New Map

I finally decided to try pocket pillows on my son's bed and now that I have done it, I'm pretty sure I will always make pillows this way. It was so easy and fast and now they are washable (necessary for booger picking boys)!

 I can't find the exact tutorial I used, but Centsational Girl offers a great one. Here are some basic steps:
Measure your pillow (say 12 x 12).
For the front side of pillow, cut to size of pillow (ex-12x12)
For back, you will cut two pieces. One will be 1/2 the size of pillow (ex-6x12), the other will be 3/4 (ex-9x12).
You will need to hem one side on each of your smaller pieces that will be on the exposed opening (see second picture)
Put all your pieces together, with all pieces wrong side out, and just sew all the way around.
Flip the cover to right side out and stuff your pillow in. Ta-da!

I bought this map for like $7 including shipping a couple of weeks ago and framed in a really old frame. It adds a fun pop of coolio in my son's room. 

Have you added maps to your house yet? I am loving this trend.

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