Sunday, February 10, 2013

Side Table {Allie's Room Makeover}

In Allie's Big Girl Room board, I share a cute little white table I was eyeing. It occurred to me the other day that I already had a cute white table that I talked about having to get rid of in my New Years goals post because we won't have an extra room like that in our next apartment. BUT, now I won't have to get rid of it because it is freaking awesome in Allie's room. 
A couple years ago, I had stenciled the top of the this table and painted the feet and little circle things all silver. Since I'm going gold in her new room, I painted the top of the table pure white and rub n' buffed gold on the feet and circles. 
I started a few little things in her room this week but, her room is still so far from being done. This side table is sending it in the right direction.

There is a sneak peek at her new insanely beautiful rug. Lurveeee. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen all it's sexiness.

Also, I attempted to paint her faux wood dresser in coral. I forgot to get primer so I decided to just paint light coats on and give it lots of drying time in between. Yeah....the second coat peeled the first coat off like nobody's business. It was not awesome. And now I am scrubbing off the first coat so I can prime it. Always do it right the first time, people. Booo.

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