Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Idea: Get your smooch on!

I don't usually do a whole lot of Valentine's Day decorating, even though I lurve the day of love. This year I decided to set up smooching chair. I pretty much gathered everything pink around my house plus a nappy wreath from last years Valentines and some foam hearts I got on clearance at Michaels a few years ago.
 The festive cuteness is set up in our front room, pretty much right when you walk into our home. So yeah, if you come over, feel free to snatch up your man (stay away from mine), throw him in that lovey dovey chair and go wild on him. Just not too wild. That's always awkward.
Owl Vase and Bird from Z Gallerie, Pink Glittered Pine Cones from Target

 My kids tried it out earlier today. Typical siblings, I suppose.
 Starts out cute.
 Face block.
 Cheek peck for good measure.
 And a slap in the face for the assumption that a kiss would be okay.
Love these little terds.

Also, I got my husband a few sets of KissTixx lip balms. You each wear a flavor and when you kiss they combine for a fun sensation/taste. My fave so far is the fire and ice which is like cinnamon and vanilla. Delicious! 
Do you exchange gifts for Valentine's Day? Do you go all out or get something simple and sweet? What are you getting your spouse/significant other? And what are your plans for the day of love?

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  1. Possibley my favorite post. Love those bratty kids. Let me get some of those kissing chapsticks.


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