Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jewelry making.

About a month ago or so, I had to plan acheivement day for the 11 year old girls I am in charge of at church. With the help of my sweet mom, I decided to do some jewelry making. My mom picked up some beads, clasps, wires, and tools from Michaels and Hobby Lobby for me. I think she ended up spending over $100 on this set of fun. After we figured out how to attach the clasps and such, it really started to get exciting. We made some really cool pieces (I think so anyway) and each piece we make gets better and better. The problem is at $100 a shot, jewelry making can be a pretty expensive hobby. My mom came up with the idea of buying really inexpensive pieces of jewlery and breaking them to create new pieces! Smart lady. Also, I found a super great gallery on ebay that sells beautiful beads.

The top were the first three bracelets I made practicing with my acheivement day girls. The bottom three bracelets were made for fun. I think they would look great worn together. I made the first two and my mom made the third.


  1. Those are really cute. However, after my jewelry making attempts, I determined Forever 21 is cheaper and faster. Still, you are good. Make me something.

  2. These are really cute Megan. I love making jewelry! I just got a catalog from Oriental Traders (normally a cheap-o party favors catalog) solely dedicated to beads. Some are really nasty looking, but there are some deals too.


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