Saturday, November 1, 2008

New obsession.

Obsessions? I have many. Just recently added one more to the list:


I had never been in there until a couple of weeks ago and now I cannot get enough of the place. Their 'Baby Depot' is INSANE. Not to mention the rest of the store packed full of bags, shoes, coats (obviously), furniture, decorations, childrens, mens, womans, juniors, and baby. I bought two pairs of shoes that just so happen to probably be the sexiest shoes I have bought in a really, really long time for $16.99 each (Shoes: another obsession). AND they don't look like $16.99 shoes! Haha I know that is a big concern for Erica. Fear not. Honestly though, I have never had more fun shopping for my baby than I did while I was there. I have been back several times now to look for my little guy and have yet to leave the place without buying him something because it has such a HUGE variety with an even greater savings with name brands I knew and loved. DO NOT PASS BURLINGTON AGAIN! GO INSIDE! SHOP TILL YOU DROP!

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