Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Betcha didn't know...

That I am totally obsessed with Twilight. While I was reading it and after I was reading it, I thought about the characters all the time and actually, sometimes STILL do. And then the movie...wooo....while it wasn't my fave (you can read my review here), it made the characters more real for me. I'm 'Team Edward' in case you were wondering. Ok...maybe you did know that I am obsessed with Twlight....

Barking Mad is giving away the Twilight movie as well as some other goodies. Use her link to enter.
Ends March 21


  1. Also a Team Edward here. Cant imagine how the actor who plays Jacob is going to fit into the role as he changes.

  2. I'm Team Edwards also...I threw my daughter a Twilight birthday party in January! Complete with a red blood punch fountain, 200 year old building, candelabra's...and somehow we worked a man dressed as a night into the whole thing!

  3. I can't believe E through a Twilight Birthday Party! How cool is that?

    If I win...I will give the stuff to you, ok?


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