Friday, March 20, 2009


Being optimistic is what is getting my family through our current situation. After my husband and I had our son, we decided that the best thing to do financially was to move into my parents home (we are very thankful for their generosity) until we could get back on our feet. We have had many trials here and getting back on our feet has taken much longer than expected. Of course, we often complain about our current lifestyle, but with an optimistic attitude we realize that this is temporary. We will have our own place once again. We will feel independent once again. Our baby will be able to run wild without us having to worry that he might destroy someone else's stuff. Yes, it will be a happy day when we move out of parent's house. Until then, we find happiness in the fact that we have each other and no matter where we are, the three of us can cuddle up together every evening. 

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  1. You are optimistic AND wise.

  2. Yes.. very wise!

    Thanks for stopping by today.. and for grabbing the button!!

  3. Thanks for sharing..look forward..things get better.

  4. Great outlook! There's nothing better than cuddling with your family:)

  5. This is such a great post- so relevant to today.

    Thanks for playing!


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