Friday, June 5, 2009

Tough Guy

My son is almost 14 months old. He is totally adorable and he is my entire world. Though, we have been having some issues with him. He hits! I don't just mean the occasional love tap. Whenever he has access to a face, he smacks it. His cousin, who lives with us also, is 9 months old. My son attacks him daily. He will punch the top of his head or push him down when he is trying to sit up. I have had friends over who have babies and he does the same thing. I like to think that he doesn't realize what he is doing, but as he is getting older that theory is becoming less likely. I sternly tell him no and remove him from the situation. I have tried showing him how to gently touch someone, but as soon as I free him, he is off to attack again. Is anyone else experiencing something similar with their child? What do you do? Is this just a phase? Or do I have a future assassin on my hands??


  1. haha he does look like a tough guy, at first i thought i was getting both fingers from him, then i saw it is only one so he isn't that tough.


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