Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We have a new contributor. Look forward to her posts...she has something really different and great to offer to this blog!! I am including a brief intro written by Dinisha herself. Welcome, Dinisha! I am so excited you have decided to join us in the fun!

"My husband calls me a "yippie." I know it sounds like the noise those dogs that fit into purses make. But it's a combination of a yuppie and a hippie. That describes me well. Although, I think there's more hippie than yuppie in me. I bring my own bags to the grocery store and have since long before it was cool and every one was selling a reusable bag with their logo on it. I have recycled religiously since living on my own in college. I live in flip flops except at work. I cloth diaper my completely adorable, happy, squishy, yummy daughter- and no we don’t have a diaper service. I have a clothes line in the back yard to dry said diapers on and the occasional other loads of laundry if I have time. We make our own baby food. I have tried to make my home as energy efficient and friendly to the environment as possible with our funding. So where’s the yuppie come in? I drive a small SUV (I know not THAT environmentally friendly), BUT it’s small and gets better gas mileage than most vans and pretty much all trucks and I got a killer deal on it. I like nice clothes and shoes. Birkenstocks just don’t fit my feet ;) No, really they don’t. My toes are too long and hit where the shoe curves. Are you visualizing this now… sorry? I shave my legs and wear deodorant (and not that weird crystal rock deodorant). Even though the hippie in me did try the crystal rock deodorant, it just didn’t work for me. And no, I don’t and have never worn patchouli. It just isn’t my preference. I think I had patchouli overload from my hippie roommate back in college! Did you know the term yuppie comes from Young Urban Professional? I am “young”. I think 31 is still young? I live in the ‘burbs. And I am a professional. I am a registered dietitian and lactation counselor. I specialize in infant, children, pregnancy and breastfeeding nutrition. Please don’t be offended by any of the portrayed stereotypes. I’m simply letting you know what two categories of stereotypes I best fit into!"


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