Monday, July 6, 2009

Carousel Designs {Review!}

As soon as I found out I was having a girl, the search for the perfect crib bedding began. I found a set I loved, but then the real challenge began...finding cute coordinating pieces for my other nursery must-haves. Like a changing pad cover. I searched and searched, and two days before Tessa was born, I gave in and purchased a bland pink cover from a mass-merchandising chain. The cover was very generic, fit poorly, and was made of a terry-cloth material that looked worn after it's first washing. Disappointed was an understatement.
And then I stumbled upon baby bedding heaven, otherwise known as Carousel Designs. I have never seen such a huge selection of changing pad covers. Look at this cutie. Perfectly accents Tessa's crib bedding. Additionally, this pad is expertly constructed of an incredibly thick and durable canvas-like material. No amount of washing will show wear. Impressed and pleased with my Carousel Designs changing pad cover is an understatement.
With over 150 designs to choose from, you are destined to find the perfect cover for your nursery decor. You can even choose between flat or contoured pad. They have thought of it all!
And if you thought the changing pads were impressive, wait until you check out Carousel Designs specialty: baby bedding. Get your burp cloth ready because I promise, you will be drooling.
And they don't stop there. You must check out their sumptuous collection of baby blankets. Can you say dreamy??
And how about these adorable rocking chair pads?? Talk about adding a cherry on top of delicious nursery decor.
If ever I have a baby bedding need, Carousel Designs will be my first stop. Between the vast selection and superb quality, I know I can't go wrong!!


  1. wow, I wish I had known about this when I was re-doing Easton's room. I spent a small fortune on bedding and I'm not thrilled with the way it looks. I'll have to check this out for the next time I redecorate.


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