Thursday, August 6, 2009

Living Rooms Direct Review

If you are looking for new living room furniture, like me, I have a great solution. Living Rooms Direct makes it easy. From shopping for sofas, to coffee tables, to decor, they have it all.
Going through their site, I found a few of my favorite options:
This is the Van Gogh Designs- Kits Sofa Sectional and Chaise. Gorgeous!
I love their Lifestyle Solutions-Barbados Modern Coffee Table Set. The lines are clean and so chic.
Living Rooms Direct has a fun and colorful collection called notNeutral. I would seriously like to own everything from it. This Green Count Pillow is $45.00.
I am dying for this notNeutral-Season Dinnerware Collection. What a great way to brighten up a meal. Prices for this collection are $25.20-$180.00.
I had the opportunity to review the notNeutral-Links Cordial Set. The glasses are absolutely gorgeous. I was surprised and pleased that they arrived in perfect condition, wrapped tightly in a box. I will be honest and say, I wasn't expecting them to be 2 oz. shot glasses, but that is entirely my fault since I somehow misread 2 for 12. Other than that, I am excited to display these funky, modern, fun glasses. I love the links design and I hope to purchase the entire collection of links glasses in the future.

Visit Living Rooms Direct to find high quality furniture and decor!

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