Monday, October 26, 2009

yummy in my tummy Review & Discount Code

yummy in my tummy offers fresh and organic baby/toddler food that will not only impress mom, but baby also. Like I have said on numerous occasions, my baby is a super picky eater. I don't just mean he will pick at a few things on his tray, I mean he will refuse to eat if he doesn't get something he likes, he will throw a tantrum, get so worked up that him eating is not even a possibility. Every meal with my son is an ordeal. I sometimes offer him anywhere from 1-6 different options just to get my skinny mini to eat something. I was so excited for my son to try the yummy in my tummy food because it actually looked so delicious!
My son had the Spinach and Sweet Potatoes for lunch today. He didn't eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning very well, so when he was excited for each bite of his lunch, I was thrilled. I knew he liked sweet potatoes, but was nervous he would notice the spinach. Whether he did notice or not, he ate every single bite.
My son's typical breakfast is a bowl of Cheerios and milk, not because it is the best thing for him, but because that is all he will eat. For this reason, I was shocked when he gobbled up the Dutch Apple. It smelled so yummy that I actually took a bite myself. This stage 3 baby food was amazing! It tasted like warm apple pie.
Now, I did warn you that my son was ultra picky, so don't be surprised when I say he actually wasn't a fan of the Vegetable Stew with Couscous. We received several little containers of baby food and while we haven't tried every single one yet, this has been the only one he didn't enjoy. He loved the Mac & Cheese with Hidden Veggies and the Banana & Blueberry. My favorite thing about yummy in my tummy food is that it doesn't look or taste like the normal baby food, it tastes fresh and like it was intended for adults who have good taste. Yummy!This is a very unusual sight: my son smiling during meal time. He loved the yummy in my tummy Chicken Quesadillas and made from whole wheat tortillas, stuffed with chicken and veggies, I loved them, too!
He also loved the Banana Blueberry Pancakes. He was a little hesitant at first, but I added just a little bit of syrup and he was content eating his breakfast.
Do you have a picky eater or are looking for organic baby food?
You must check out yummy in my tummy!
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