Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GroBaby Diapers Snap Conversion Review and DISCOUNT CODE

As soon as I heard about Gro Baby diapers I knew I would love them. I was so excited to get this new fancy diaper that I pre-ordered 2 shells and 4 additional soaker pads and boosters before they were even on the market. And they were awesome! The only downside I had in the beginning was that the shell wouldn’t get much use before needing a wash. An exclusively breastfed baby poos A LOT and it almost always got on the shell. Which usually meant a shell only got to be worn once a day before it went into the diaper pail for the wash. If we were lucky maybe we could get two changes out of it. Then when my daughter got a little bigger she didn’t poo ALL THE TIME and then she started to eat solids and her poo became more solid and it didn’t always get on the shell. But by this time I had owned my Gro Babys (or is it Gro Babies?) 4 months, and I was having a new problem. Washing the shells every two days had made my “hook tabs” curl (they are always washed in a front-loader and line dried). Then about a month later my baby was curious with the hook tabs and learned to “unhook” them. This was easy for her because they weren’t really secure because they were so curled. I had about had it with my Gro Babys. But I still loved the concept (check the cool snap in inserts). So when I found out Gro Baby made a snap version, I again felt a little flutter of love. I contacted the Natural Baby Company letting them know my problem and they offered to convert my Gro Baby diapers into snap Gro Babys (aaahhh, the perks of blogging). It’s so easy to convert your hook tab Gro Babys into snap Gro Babys. Just print out a snap conversion form, fill it out, enclose $3.50 (check or money order) with your clean shells and mail off. They do recommend purchasing delivery confirmation when you send them in. You receive your made-over shells in about 10 business days.

Before: Gro Baby with hook and loop tabs (see how "curled")

After: Gro Baby with Snap Conversion (and flattened tabs!)

I really wanted to use them before I reviewed them. They both have been worn and washed several times (at least 6 washes each) and are holding up great. The new snaps match the existing rise adjuster snaps. They even pressed out my curly tabs. I will admit that I was a little unsure that I was getting back my diapers. My Blackberry color looked so worn where the hooks used to attach and my Kiwi looked so new. Ok, I was REALLY doubtful they were my shells, so I wrote the company. This is the response from their business manager: “Yes, the person receives back the shells that they send in. We have a tracking program the safely assures the correct shells return to their owners!” and from their CEO: “Of course! We package/tag each incoming shell so the customer ALWAYS gets back their own shells!” Well, I pulled out my camera and really looked at my before pictures and then realized that yep, they were mine!

Happy Baby modeling the snap conversion Gro Baby diaper

The Natural Baby Company has really great products (I’ve used a few of their other items without even realizing it was theirs until I was researching the snap conversion) and they are a really great company to work with. It’s not too often the CEO responds back to a silly question (silly, but I needed to know). I just personally like snap diapers better than Velcro/ hook & loop diapers because my daughter can undo the Velcro and I’ve had other brands that also curls up. I would have been sad to retire my Gro Baby just because they are hook & loops. What a great way to “recycle” and breathe new life into a product that you already love. Try the Gro Baby today or convert your original Gro Babys into ones with snaps. Oh, and I just saw they now have super cute prints. Check them out.

Discount: The Natural Baby Company is offering our readers a 10% discount store wide until November 15, 2009. Use coupon code "FALL09" (in all CAPS).


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