Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rubbermaid Lock-its Canisters review

We are headed into the baking season and I have just the thing to make it a little more organized for you. Rubbermaid has come out with the Lock-it canisters for food storage and they are the perfect size to hold baking ingredients while also not taking up too much room in your pantry.

(From the Rubbermaid website) "Four locking tabs create an extra secure lid seal that helps keep food fresh and prevents spills. The Easy Find Lids system features lids that snap to bases and other lids for easy storage. The modular canisters stack on top of one another and work with Lock-its food storage containers to save room in your pantry and refrigerator."

You start with these four containers

and by snapping the lids onto the base of the containers like so

you can stack them up nicely ready to be put away until needed.
I've mentioned on here before that I love to bake so these containers were perfect for me. My baking cabinet looks like this (that space on the bottom is where my flour, salt and sugars used to be jammed in):
and now that I have my lock-it canisters I can display them nice and neat with easy access to them right on my kitchen counter.
Rubbermaid sent me these containers for free for me to review and I love them. My favorite thing about them is that one lid fits multiple bases so it makes it easier to stack them up. I am always losing lids so this is perfect. If you are not a baker, no worries, I think these would be perfect for lots of other options as well. They are the perfect size to use for freezing soups and stews to stock up for winter. I also think they would work well to put crafting supplies into without worrying about them accidentally opening and beads or what not spilling out all over the place. You also have the option of the smaller Lock-its to store all the leftovers you are sure to have during this holiday season.

Check out Rubbermaid's website to see more lock-it options as well as view all their other great products. If you join the Rubbermaid club you can also receive coupons and rebates as well as special birthday savings! Amazon also has a great deal right now where you can get a 12 piece lock-it canister set for $34.45!!

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