Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frosty Festivities: SproutBaby 'Holiday Gift Set' Review

I have worked with SproutBaby a few times and have absolutely loved all of their products. They pay attention to detail and focus on providing products that moms love and are safe for baby. I received four different samples of amazing products from SproutBaby.
The first product was BabyGanics The Grime Fighter All Purpose Household Cleaner. I always love all natural ways to clean my home. My son is likely to eat off of or suck on almost any surface of my house. I feel comforted knowing that while my home is super clean, it is also super safe. You can use this all purpose cleaner on your high chair, changing table, crib, cabinets, counter tops, and anywhere else your heart desires. This a product all moms need to own, especially since you most likely own a messy baby/toddler.
I am a total freak about germs. I think I have trained my son to be as well. He loves to use hand sanitizer and so do I, but I do worry about the alcohol and other dangerous chemicals used in the typical hand sanitizers. The Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer comes in a handy spray bottle that is alcohol free and still claims to kill 99.99% of germs naturally. At only $4.00, this is honestly a product I will never do without. It is a perfect travel size to take along to the park, out to eat, to the store, everywhere! Each 1 FL oz. has 225+ sprays!
The Episencial Body Butter is a hydrating lotion that is thin and smooth. It is free of parabens, hormones, phenoxyethanol, preservatives, phthalates, EDTA, SLS, fragrances, petroleum, gluten, and nut oils. It is organic and safe for babies, kids, and grown ups. My hands get particularly dry, flaky, and sore during this cold weather. After rubbing on some lotion, my hands instantly were relieved, soft, and felt protected from the weather. My son, who has had reactions to some baby lotions, has yummy, smooth skin now thanks to this lotion.
Lastly, I received a couple of Nature Baby Care Disposable Diapers. I am pretty picky about diapers because my son is easily prone to rashes and it really bothers me when my son wakes up in the middle of the night with jammies that are wet from a diaper that didn't do its job. I was pretty impressed with these diapers. I did decide to test out the diaper at night. When I changed my son the next morning, his bottom was very dry, possibly dryer than his usual Huggies diapers. However, I wish the straps stuck a little better, as I noticed that as the diaper became heavier in the night that the straps began to sag and become slightly unattached. Overall, I was pleased with these eco-friendly diapers. They fully decompose in a landfill and don't harm the environment.

Check out SproutBaby to purchase any of these amazing products for yourself!

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