Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker Review

Making your own baby food can be quite a process, but it doesn't have to be. Beaba has created an easy way to steam/cook and puree food with the Babycook for your baby so you know exactly what they are eating and you know it is fresh and still full of nutrients.

When you purchase a Babycook, included is:
heating compartment lid
steam heating compartment
food processor controls: cooking, reheating, defrosting, and blending
cooking light
bowl lid: security locking system
cooking, reheating, defrosting basket
removable food processor blades
cooking bowl
bolt for detaching blades
mixing lid

Using the Babycook is quite simple. You just pour water into the cooking bowl and into the heating compartment. You then place your diced food in the basket and put it in the cooking bowl. You then turn on the appliance to the steam symbol. Once the food is cooked, the cooking light goes out. Depending on the recipe, you will then pour out or keep part of the cooking liquid.
You can then blend the food you just steamed to the appropriate consistency for your child.
I really love the reheating feature to this appliance. You can just put your jar of food uncovered in the cooking basket with water and once the indicator light goes out, your baby food will be warm. You can also defrost food in the same manner as reheating, but with just adding a bit more water.
The Babycook also comes with some yummy recipes that I found very easy, even for someone new to making baby food. One simple recipe that we tried and enjoyed was an apple and pineapple compote, intended for babies 8-12 months. You just need 1/2 an apple and one slice of pineapple. You add water to the basket and keep half the water after it is cooked to puree in with the fruit. Delicious!

I highly recommend purchasing a Beaba Babycook for anyone who is planning on making their own baby food or even if you think it would be nice to do occasionally. Your baby will love the fresh food and you will love knowing your baby is getting all the nutrients fresh food has to offer!
Buy it at Beaba for $149.95!
While you are there, check out their children's dinnerware and baby food freezer trays.

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  1. I agree with what it's said above except that if you are using the beaba freezing containers, the food will not fit on the baby jar. So I have to find something else that will fit in the basket. The beaba won't warm/defrost without the lid.


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