Friday, January 8, 2010

Walkabye Urban Buggies Terrani Stroller Review & Discount

I had the opportunity to review the amazing Walkabye Terrani Infant to Toddler Stroller. I am beyond impressed with how many thoughtful features this stroller includes. I love that the Walkabye stroller offers a bassinet set up for your infant and an easy transition for your toddler or baby that is able to sit up by themselves.
The bassinet clips in and out of the frame quite easily as you also have to remove the bassinet to transport or store your stroller. The bassinet is cushioned appropriately to keep your baby comfortable, but also safe. The fabric is soft and not scratchy. I love that the bassinet stroller allows you to look at your baby and tend to their needs while pushing your stroller. I also love the adjustable umbrella to shield your baby from the sun and from strangers.
The bassinet also comes with a handy apron that will keep your baby warm and protected from bad weather. Also included, but not pictured, is a plastic rain cover that covers the entire bassinet and umbrella to keep your baby completely dry.
Once your baby is either 6 months, over 20 lbs., or can sit up, it is time to transition your infant stroller into a toddler stroller. Setting up the toddler seat took a little more time than the bassinet, but once it was ready to go, adjusting and maneuverability of the stroller is incredibly easy.
Like I said previously, this stroller has some seriously awesome features. I love the durable wheels that have a strong brake. The front wheels can swivel or be locked for a straight push.
My son is very comfortable in this stroller as he can recline to an almost flat position, I can prop his feet up with the adjustable foot rest, and he is kept safe with a 5-point harness.
I love the large storage basket for shopping trips or baby supplies and the pocket by the umbrella for storage of pacifiers, bottles, cash, or whatever you may need in a hurry.
I also really love the included diaper bag and changing pad. My husband feels comfortable using this as a diaper bag as well, as I chose gender neutral colors. The diaper bag has several pockets to keep you organized, as well as a pocket designated for the cushy changing pad.
In the above video, I discuss a few of my favorite features, but I am including a list of features found on the Walkabye site:
  • 5 Point Safety Harness
  • Removable Seat for easy cleaning
  • Durable Fabrics that last for years
  • High Endurance Frame
  • Easy to maintain
  • Large Wheels for incredible maneuverability
  • All Wheel Suspension for a soft ride
  • Adjustable Handle with multiple heights
  • Modular Fold for convenient transportation
  • Extra Large Shopping Basket
  • Front Swivel Wheels
  • Seat Reclines to 3 positions
  • Foam Insulated Handle
  • Foot Operated Parking Brake
  • Adjustable Leg Rest
  • Raincover
If I had to say this stroller had a flaw, it would be concerning the storage and transporting of the stroller. While I do think the stroller is fairly lightweight, collapsing the stroller takes a little work. As you can see in the above video, to close the toddler stroller you must remove the hold bar from the frame, adjust the footrest to the up position, remove the front wheels, adjust the seat to the fully reclined position, and pull the release levers to unlock the frame and carefully let the stroller fold down. While I do think this stroller is worth that effort, I wish there was a way to improve the time it took to collapse the stroller. I am usually in a hurry with my toddler to get everything in the car and get going to avoid a meltdown, so this improvement would be a great help. Of course, if you live in an urban area where you leave your home with your baby in the stroller and always collapsing your stroller isn't necessary, this stroller is a MUST!

UPDATE: I was just given new instructions on how to close the stroller. These new instructions make collapsing the stroller much easier. You no longer have to put the footrest in the up position or remove the hold bar. Fabulous!:
"recline the seat, adjust the footrest down (not up), remove the front wheels, and then fold the stroller. You can then use the hold bar as a handle to pull the stroller around."

While the Walkabye Terrani Infant to Toddler Stroller is a little pricey at $599.99, you will find it is worth the money as you will definitely enjoy this stylish stroller that grows with your baby. My family loves it!
You can purchase your own at Walkabye. Make sure to use the code JUSTFORME to receive a $40 discount!

I received a free stroller for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review. These opinions are my own. Your experience may vary.

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