Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joovy Ergo Caboose Double Stroller Review

Finding a stroller you love isn't always easy. In fact, I would say it is always difficult, becoming time and cash consuming. Well, my friends, I have found a stroller that is perfect for me and my family. I adore it, I really do. Joovy has created the Ergo Caboose and I am thankful to them for that. It is an excellent double stroller.
This double stroller has several unique features that really make it special. Some of these features include:
• Patented Stand-On Tandem™

• Revolutionary Stroller Design

• Ergonomically Engineered Front Seat

• New Multi-Functional Sun Canopy

• Swing Away Front Tray/2 Removable Cup Holders

• Pneumatic Rear Wheels with Tire Pump

• Sealed Ball-Bearing Wheels

• Huge, Easy Access Basket

• Flip Open Rear Seat
I am particularly fond of the back seat which can be used as a bench seat, an infant car seat carrier (which is compatible with several car seats. See Joovy for a full list), or as a stand on.
The sun canopy is another great feature. The front canopy can extend quite far, providing the front sitter sun protection almost entirely. I did find the very front of the canopy to be a little bit flimsy in the wind. The back canopy can be removed completely just by unzipping and unbuttoning it. It also almost provides complete sun protection with its great size. I love the mesh sides so that the back sitter can still see what is going on around him/her.
My husband and I are both on the taller side, so I was pleased to discover that the handle bar was in a position that allowed taller people to push their stroller without bending or straining.
Although not pictured, the front gives you the option of using a detachable snack tray or just two cup holders.
The front seat also comes with a 5-point harness that is incredibly easy to adjust with just a turn and pull out and into a new hole. This is another of my favorite features because it makes adjustments for growing children or for a switch up of seats between children a snap.
The front seat also can be adjusted to sit upright or at a slight recline.
The back seat is awesome because whether you are using your infant carrier attachment, the bench seat, or the stand on, your child will always be facing you while you are pushing.
The bench seat includes a 3-point harness and can be adjusted into 3 positions for more or maximum use of the storage basket (which, by the way, the storage basket is fabulously huge!).
See the above video for details on some of the Ergo Caboose's features.

You can purchase the Ergo Caboose at Joovy for $349. I HIGHLY recommend you do! Make sure to check out all of their fantastic strollers while you are there!

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  1. That canopy knocks my socks off.

  2. Thanks for the review! Do you know if a car seat could snap into the snack tray in front? I know it's not meant to be used that way but I heard it's possible if the carseat has the little clip/snap device (which most of them have nowadays). I'd love an answer before I buy if you know--


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