Thursday, February 17, 2011

Off to See a Man About a Horse

Okay not really. I've never ridden a horse. Maybe an over priced pony at a zoo. But never a horse.
I do have a bazillion errands to run today though. Almost as fun as riding a horse?
Chambray Top: Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th
Sweater: Gap
Corduroy Leggings: Nordstrom
Boots: Apepazza

Shop Similar: Chambray Top (this one is a pretty dang good knock-off)


  1. You can't honestly tell me you think this outfit looks good? You look like you forgot to put pants on this morning.

  2. No more anonymous comments. If you choose to be rude, you could at least attach your name to it.

  3. Don't kick anonymous off Megan. She's my only groupie!!!

  4. okay, it's not something that i would wear, but it looks really cute on you! there. megan, you can kick off anonymous and i'll be your sister's new groupie.

  5. and by the way, i mean that genuinely, your outfits are way cute, but they wouldn't look so good on my body type.

  6. Rachel, you are so sweet. I love you. I think you are beautiful and would look great in anything.

  7. I might not know you Rachel, but I am pretty sure I am falling in love with you!!!


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