Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paper Book Wreath

Over Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law organized a craft for us all to do. Her and my mother-in-law are craft geniuses. I aspire to be like them. :)
She found a tutorial for a paper book wreath for us all to try. We all briefly read through it and then went for it. All of our wreaths turned out totally different and mine turned out to look nothing like the one from the original tutorial. However, I still love it and have it displayed in our family room.
Paper Book Wreath:
An old book (or 2). I needed 2.
Foam wreath form.
Glue Gun & Hot Glue.

My sister-in-law purchased the supplies, but I think she said each wreath came to $3.
Step 1: Rip out the pages from a book. (The original tutorial painted the sides of the book pages, but I found that to be pretty pointless. So to save a step, I'm going to suggest skipping the paint).

Step 2: Roll the page. You make some loose, some tight, roll each side together for a double roll, or whatever. The more random it is, the better.

Step 3: Add a dot of hot glue to keep your rolled page together.

Step 4: Bend one end of the rolled page

Step 5: Add hot glue to the bent page and glue to wreath. Start from the back and work your way to the front and then to the center. Once you get to the center, you will stop folding the pages and just glue it to the wreath flat.

Original tutorial found at Living with Lindsay. Check it out for more detailed instructions. Like I said, mine looks totally different, like it might not have even been the same project. Ha.

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