Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby's Room Complete (for now)

If you have been wondering where most of my projects have been going in my home, it is the baby's room. I think her nursery is finished. It is the only girly room in our home and it is REALLY girly. Lots of pink! :)
Try to remember we are renters so there is only so much I can so with those nasty blinds, gross colored walls, and dated brown baseboards. It is what it is. Still, I love her room. It makes me happy being in there. I hope it will make my baby happy, too.I'm still crazy in love with my rose petal "chandelier."
Spray paint makes a big difference. Here are some old gold frames I had from college. I spray painted them white to bring them into 2011.
Much better.
I also spray painted the pink frames. The angel is a painting my b.f.f made for me while we were in high school. It has been with me ever since. The picture of my baby is on her blessing day so the white frame is extra appropriate. I saw the 'You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are' printable on another blog, but now I can't find it. Does anyone know where it came from? I would love to give them credit. I didn't print it, I made it with my Cricut and vinyl, copying the printable design.
My baby stares at the rosette balls while I nurse her. Notice her little head in the corner? I bit creepy (and adorable), right?
Letters I spray painted and decorated with a butterfly shape using my Cricut, diamond stickers, scrap booking paper, and tissue paper roses.
I love the tulips. I found this bedding at Target for only $16! Bargain!
Do you see the hair clip holder in the corner? My mother in law made it. It is awesome and now I am able to see what clips I have. By the way...most of her hair clips came from Orange5. They are beyond lovely.


  1. SOOOOO adorable come do my babies room, it is a variety of themes and things I don't like.

  2. Gorgeous room! I love that tree above the crib, Is it a decal or did you paint it on? This is making we want to have a girl...(no I'm not pregnant!)

  3. It's a decal. We move too much and I'm too cheap/lazy to ever paint a rental.

  4. Oh and thanks for the pregnancy clarification! Ha.


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