Friday, March 11, 2011


I didn't produce as many outfits as I had hoped this week. My house got hit with the pukes. Making my days slimy, stinky, sprite-sipping and laundry-filled; replacing my skinnies with sweats and my camera with cuddles. Sleep has been non-existent (hence my fresh-from-my-nap wrinkledness), and headaches and tummy aches rampant.
And yet, none of that compares to the devastation occurring across the globe. My insignificant complaints got a good dose of perspective this morning. I am gripped to my TV and yet afraid to watch. I am off to go breathe in and cherish my sickly, smelly babies and be nothing but grateful for my easy-as-pie life.
Tunic: Free People
Tee: Victoria's Secret
Skinnies: TJ Maxx
Boots: Michael Kors

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  1. I love those boots!! Omg. I wish I had skinny calves so I could wear them. Omg! :)

    Krissy @ Mommy Misc


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