Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Boys, Lovely Things.

I have become consumed in all things Justin Bieber. He has coupled talent unmatched with persistence proven, consequently capturing dreams, dollars and the most devoted following of daddy’s daughters.

I don’t even have to date him—like I’d be happy as his friend or mother or sister who buys the booze [I would never! We’re keeping him whole and happy and clear of insta-daddy]. Nonetheless, I’d sell my soul if he’d say he’d love me forever.

Consider that my hearty endorsement for “Never Say Never.”

And a few related notes:

Baby Bieber wears white skinny jeans, which means I do, too. Lucky for us both, they’re a must-have this spring—as in, my pedophilia might actually be mistaken for an effort toward trend. Thank Heavens; I clearly need that on my side.

New York Fashion Week paired whites with whites—clean, crisp, cut. I layered lace and a tee and topped with a necklace—it’s less clean than the runway, but more suited for everyday wear. Then I paired my pants with a cream top (save or splurge) and gold accessories—I’m not sure that color combo is even allowed, but it’s warmer and more romantic than all white, so I’d consider it for date night, or something.

[Sorry for the weird shots. I had wet hair, no make-up and glasses, and that sight is not for public viewing].

Trendy Baby Bieber delivered his own purple-y take on white. You already know I followed [It was celebrity dress-up day at work. Give me a little credit].

Speaking of bold colors and their trendy emergence this spring, count this dress as mine. Like it, love it, gotta have it.

I made Justin Bieber cupcakes for my bestie’s birthday a couple weeks ago. The young man was kind enough to stop by and validate.

Those are microphones. And Bieber hair. And that Nike swoosh—because Justin wears Nike boots—took me an hour to form. I guess I’m asking you to be impressed. In the event you ever want to make edible microphones yourself, use baby cones, fill with frosted baby cakes and sprinkle with silver dragees, which you can find at Michael’s or specialty stores that sell Wilton products. Bear in mind you’ll likely need one large cupcake per microphone (for support), or you’ll need to fill the cones (with candy) to make them less top-heavy.

And my promised end note:

Against: Oversized tops with flares. That's a lot of material.
For: Lace and cream and oversized tops with jeggings.

Also, if you want an all-purpose lace top, buy this one. You won't find better, you get it on sale...and me and TSwift have it in black.

I guess my posts will actually always be novels.

No regretz,


  1. Dangit. I decided to suck it up and just pay the shipping this morning. And they are all gone. Every last one. Way to get a thousand people to dress like you. Nordies should be giving you a kick-back!

  2. Daggom. That sucks. Bloomingdale's doesn't carry it, and it's still full price at Free People and Macy's. Go to your Nordstrom store. Mine still has a few in stock.


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